dare i tell?

Pennsylvania, United States
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billy joel, christian bale, conrado de quiros, dancing, dancing like a stripper, discovery channel, foreign movies, friends, ikea, ireland, james clavell, journaling, philippine daily inquirer, philippines, photography, quirks, reggae, rocky road icecream, sex and the city, shogun, snailmails, sunsets, taipan, tea, the discoverers, the financial times, the sound of silence, the west wing, theatre, travel mags, travelling, tulips
perennially nice. occasionally bitchy. perpetually corrupted.
journals about the banal aspects of own life. hates to offend so highly edits out
and sanitizes content. dreams of becoming a skilled belly dancer slash spankin'
stripper. that and to live a semi-nomadic life with jesse, our 2 cats and our future dogs malti-poo Bubbles and mastiff Gutikloy.

Believes that:
Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.

--J. Foster--